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FBI Moneypak virus is spreading like a wildfire and hitting thousands of new computers everyday.

FBI Moneypak comes bundled with seemingly legitimate applications, video codecs, flash updates and this virus can be planted in many applications. If you downloads applications from suspicious sources, you can be a victim of this virus at anytime. FBI Moneypak virus literally locks down the computer and tells that your computer was involved in viewing pornography, downloading copyrighted materials and other illegal stuff. Now you need to send a fine of $200 via MoneyPak payment system otherwise you’ll be sent to jail in next 72 hours. This FBI Moneypak virus is a scam and people easily get scared when they see that notice is coming from FBI. This virus is infecting computer users only in United States.

On the top of everything, FBI Moneypak virus is equipped with a webcam module. If you’ve a webcam connected to your computer, you’ll be able to see yourself in the screen and this virus will tell you that It is recording everything! This stuff is really scary but everything is fake. This scam is designed very cleverly and lots of internet users are actually falling for it.

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