iPad Air with cracked glass digitizer repair.

Just another happy customer. We successfully replaced her iPad Air cracked glass digitizer in less than 45 minutes. So, if you have an iPad Air with a cracked screen just bring it into one of our repair shops and we can transform it into a "like new iPad Air". Call ComputerLand LLC on 1-773-603-3246 for [...]

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Remove FBI Virus Chicago

For any virus removal services in Chicago, including FBI virus removal service, call us at 773-281-4600 or visit our virus removal web page by clicking on the following link: Chicago FBI Virus Removal Services. FBI Moneypak virus is spreading like a wildfire and hitting thousands of new computers everyday. FBI Moneypak comes bundled with seemingly [...]

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Browser Wars: Chrome vs. IE9 vs. Firefox

You really can’t go wrong with any Web browser choice these days. Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari, all are fast, standards compliant, and feature rich. A lot boils down to what you’re comfortable with and which features are most important to you. For many people, the choice is moving to the product offered [...]

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