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DC Power Jack Repair Services
             Most laptop power jack repairs can be done SAME DAY.

One of the most requested laptop repair service is the power jack repair. The power jack on laptops is one of the parts that are most expose to physical damages.

Glenview macbook power jack repairThe reasons why that is happening is frequently plugs in and out of the power cord, tripping over the power cord, the laptop is dropped while the power cord is attached and the power jack gets pushed inside the laptop, keeping the power cord attached to the laptop while we are travelling with the laptop in his case.

The symptoms that may tell us that we have a defective dc power jack are:

  • - laptop runs only when we keep the power cord in a certain angle
  • - laptop battery does not get charge
  • - sparks coming out of the dc power jack
  • - laptop is switching from battery to power cord source intermittently

Here at ComputerLand of Glenview we repair broken laptops power jacks on the daily base. We are servicing dc power jacks for all PC laptops models and all MacBook models as well. We are carrying in our shop most of the laptops power jacks so when the existing power jack cannot be repaired and needs to be replace with a new one we are able to do that right away without needing to order and wait for a replacement one. In the case when your laptop com with a power jack that we are not having in our shop then we will order one for you. In those cases, the turnaround time for repair is 3 to 4 business days.

The repair cost for a laptop power jack repair is between $90 to $149 depending on the laptop model and complexity of the work.

Windows Computer Repair Glenview

Glenview macbook power jack repair ComputerLand LLC provides in-shop and on-site desktop and laptop PC computer repair services.

Computer repair services that you can always depend on.

Mac Computer Repair Glenview

Glenview macbook power jack repairComputerLand LLC provides in-shop repair services for Apple Mac - laptops and desktops.

We are able to quote, diagnose, order and repair all from our service facility.

Glenview Virus Removal

PC virus removalIf your computer is crippled by virus infection then it is probably causing you much frustration and grief.

ComputerLand LLC can expertly remove virus infection and revive your computer.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Glenview

virus removal MacBookComputerLand LLC recovers data on any type of hard disk from laptops, desktops, external disks and network storage devices, with mechanical, firmware or file system problems.

iPad Repair Glenview

virus removal MacBookComputerLand LLC provides in-shop iPad repair services for all iPad models.

We are able to quote, diagnose, order and repair all Apple iPad models from our service facility.

iPhone Repair Glenview

iPhone repair GlenviewHere at ComputerLand LLC we can turn any broken iPhone into working iPhone again. We have seen it all. Broken screen, audio not working and dead batteries: nothing can stop us.

Email or call ComputerLand of Glenview right now for a FREE (with service only) no obligation power jack repair consultation.

Glenview iPad repair

We service and repair all Mac and PC computer models.

You PAY NOTHING until we call with the solution to your issues.

Your One-Call Experts in Glenview Laptop DC Power Jack Repairs.

Glenview iPad repair
iPad repair Glenview
All major credit card accepted.
Glenview iPad repair


I had a common laptop problem, the power jack wasn't taking the power anymore. I dropped off my laptop with deffective power jack on afternoon and it was ready by the next day. Hours are great. The repair cost matched the initial quote, and the service was professional. Definitely recommend them!

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