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Your experts in Glenview Laptop Repair Services.

Mac and PC Laptop Repair Services
             We offer SAME DAY laptop repair.

If you are experiencing problems with your laptop PC or MacBook that is not under warranty anymore or you cannot afford to wait to have your laptop shipped out, diagnosed, fixed and shipped back to you then you are in the write place: ComputerLand of Glenview can fix your laptop problems no matter what type of laptop you use.

glenview pc and mac laptop repairWhen you bring your laptop in our repair shop, our expertly trained MAC and PC technicians will making sure you have the best expertise available. We strive to diagnose and repair your laptop as quickly as possible, so the disruption to you is as minimal as possible.

ComputerLand of Glenview offers fast laptop repair services for businesses and individuals in Glenview and surrounding areas. Most of our laptop repair services takes 24 to 48 hrs. if are not any parts that has to be ordered. If the repair service involve ordering parts then average turn oround time is 3 to 4 business days.

Trust us and bring us your laptop, Mac or PC, in our Glenview laptop repair shop to have it running normally and smoothly.

If your decide to do not have your laptop repair, then we will work to recover your important files.

Windows Computer Repair Glenview

pc laptop repair ComputerLand LLC provides in-shop and on-site desktop and laptop PC computer repair services.

Computer repair services that you can always depend on.

Mac Computer Repair Glenview

pc laptop repairComputerLand LLC provides in-shop repair services for Apple Mac - laptops and desktops.

We are able to quote, diagnose, order and repair all from our service facility.

Glenview Virus Removal

macbook laptop repair GlenviewIf your computer is crippled by virus infection then it is probably causing you much frustration and grief.

ComputerLand LLC can expertly remove virus infection and revive your computer.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Glenview

virus removal MacBookComputerLand LLC recovers data on any type of hard disk from laptops, desktops, external disks and network storage devices, with mechanical, firmware or file system problems.

iPad Repair Glenview

macbook laptop repair GlenviewComputerLand LLC provides in-shop iPad repair services for all iPad models.

We are able to quote, diagnose, order and repair all Apple iPad models from our service facility.

iPhone Repair Glenview

iPhone repair GlenviewHere at ComputerLand LLC we can turn any broken iPhone into working iPhone again. We have seen it all. Broken screen, audio not working and dead batteries: nothing can stop us.

Email or call ComputerLand of Glenview right now for a FREE (with service only) no obligation lapotp repair consultation.

macbook laptop repair Glenview

We service and repair all Mac and PC laptop computer models.

You PAY NOTHING until we call with the solution to your issues.

Your One-Call Experts in Glenview Laptop repair Services.

Glenview macbook pro laptop repair
Glenview macbook pro laptop repair
All major credit card accepted.
Glenview macbook pro laptop repair


I damaged my laptop when I spilled some liquid on it. I called a few laptop repair shops in Glenview and they all quoted me higher prices than ComputerLand of Glenview. Additionally of liquid spill repair I decided to have my hard drive upgraded to a faster solid state rather than a standard one. Stephan was able to do both, repair my laptop and hard drive upgrade, without me losing any data or software. All this was done at a reasonable price and within 24 hrs.

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macbook pro laptop repair Glenview

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